Vanilla Kush


Genetics: Bred from Kashmir Hash and OG Kush, this hard hitting Indica belongs in the defense of a pro football team. Flavor & Aroma: Vanilla Kush does smell like vanilla, along with lavender and other spices. Pine and wood bring the scent back down to earth, as a hint of citrus keeps the head held high. Effects: Vanilla Kush hits hard and stays long. Relaxing muscles and mind, this Indica is great for late nights spent in front of a computer or TV. Medicinal Uses: Insomnia and pain seem to be the most prevelant ailments on the list of ailments that Flowerbomb Kush has been prescribed to treat. Potency: THC levels have tested around 20-25% consistently, with CBD ranging from 1-1.5%. Grow Info: Flowers in 9 weeks with good yield.



  • Indica Strain

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