True OG


Genetics: True OG was specifically bred from an OG Kush flower off the coast in California to bring even the most advanced smoker a break from the daily grind with a happy, stress reducing high. Flavor & Aroma: True OG has the typical Indica scent of pine and earth, but also brings in some of that Cali coast citrus in as well. Effects: A relaxed, euphoric, genuinely happy, high, True OG is quite popular with smokers of all types. Fortunately, True OG is more for relaxation than sleepiness, so you'll still be able to keep those eyes open as the silly smile rests upon your face. Medicinal Uses: Medicinally, True OG is used to treat a variety of ailments from pain and stress relief, to PTSD and anxiety. Potency: True OG packs quite a punch at 27.5% THC! An almost pleasant heavy hitter, though, True OG will always keep you wanting more.



  • Indica Strain

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