Sweet Tooth


Genetics: Sweet Tooth is a true all-world Indica, bred from Afghan, Nepal, and Hawaiian strains to please any soul. Flavor & Aroma: As you may guess, Sweet Tooth has a sweet taste and smell of berries and candies, along with undertones of spice and herbs. Effects: ST will keep you alert and focused, but keep your body calm and relaxed. A great strain for anytime you're stuck at a computer for too long or maybe even if the in laws are in town for the week. Medicinal Uses: ST is recommended for severe depression, as it will continually keep you in a happy, uplifted, mood. It can also be said that stress, anxiety, and pain will submit to the glorious Sweet Tooth. Potency: With THC levels breaching the 20% mark, and CBD crouching just under .5%, Sweet Tooth could quite possibly become a favorite of yours for years to come. Grow Info: 8 weeks to flower an above average yield.



  • Indica Strain

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