Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams is a potent, indica dominant strain with genetics from Kush, Skunk, and Berry. We picked up a nice, fresh specimen from Highland Health at 1505 Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad, Colorado. Sweet Dreams has a pungent skunk smell, but it's not too strong or overbearing. The burn is very smooth, and the effects can creep up on you a little bit. The effects are very chill and relaxing. As the name implies - Sweet Dreams is sleep inducing. The relaxed effects may even make you feel like a kid again. Medical benefits associated with Sweet Dreams include moderate pain relief, muscle spasm relief, help controlling restless leg syndrome, and help fighting insomnia. Our sample tested at about 23% THC. On our couch lock scale, Sweet Dreams rates at 8 or 9, so this is recommended for night time use.

Sweet Dreams Strain Review



  • Indica Strain

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