Sunny Diesel


We picked up a well - cultivated and cured sample of Sunny D from Trinidad Harvesting Company in Trinidad, Colorado. Genetics: Sunny Diesel is a 50/50 indica/sativa. Its' parentage is Orange Dot x Joe’s Lemonade. It was developed by Dark Horse Genetics; the creators of the original Bruce Banner strain. Aroma & Flavor: Sunny D has a nice, bright citrus aroma that is a mix of sweet Valencia oranges and zesty lemonade. Effects: Immediate effects of Sunny D are calming and relaxing from the indica, followed by creativity from the sativa. It's known to be a social lubricant strain. It has mellow effects, but not much couch lock. Medicinal Uses: Sunny D eases anxiety and depression, and provides the consumer with a state of joy and well being. This type of diesel is a good choice for wake & bake, unwinding after a day at work, or enjoying an evening with friends. Potency: Our sample tested at about 16% THC and smoked like 26%. Grow Info: Sunny Diesel grows tall big-yielding plants, with mouthwatering citrus flavors that jump out the jar and across the room. Flowering time is about 70 days.

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  • Hybrid Strain

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