Strawberry Cough


Genetics: Strawberry Fields and Haze are the parent strains of Strawberry Cough. It was originally grown on a Strawberry farm in Vermont. Flavor & Aroma: It has a flavorful strawberry smell and has hints of pungent and sweetness. Effects: Strawberry Cough provides an excellent cerebral, uplifting high that will keep you energetic enough to go about your day or socialize with your friends in the evening. It has a good sativa head high but doesn't hit too hard. Strawberry Cough has been known to expand in the lungs, causing the smoker to cough. Medicinal Uses: This strain is great for depression, stress, and general fatigue. Need help managing everyday stress and social anxiety? Strawberry Cough is a nice daytime smoke that could help balance things out. Potency: THC content is 19-24%. A small amount of CBD may be present. Grow Info: 8-9 week grow time with very high yields and large nugs. Branches may need to be supported due to the weight of the buds.



  • Sativa Strain


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Anthony B Graden II Anthony B Graden II
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Me And my family luv this bud

November 2018

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