Strawberry Banana


It’s hard to believe the banana aroma is coming from nugs consistently stacked with around 25% THC. Lightly colored green buds have strawberry hairs protruding from them left and right. Strawberry Banana has very chill, sedative qualities that will spark up a love for this strain. Genetics: Strawberry Banana is a cross between Banana Kush and the Strawberry Bubble Gum and developed by Serious Seeds and DNA Genetics. Flavor & Aroma: This delicious, fruity strain is definitely one of the sweetest smelling/tasting available. Effects: Known for its peaceful and relaxed feeling, Strawberry Banana feels like a nice summer day in a hammock on the beach. It almost brings about a sedative-like vibe. Medicinal Uses: Stress and depression are swept away in the tropical breeze, and mild pain can be controlled for many patients. Potency: Due to the lineage and phenotypes, Strawberry Banana does vary. We've found samples to be as strong as 25% THC. Grow info: This Indica-dominant strain rates as is easy to grow indoors. It will produce moderate to heavy yields in good conditions, and flowers in 8-10 weeks.



  • Indica Strain

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