Snoops Dream


Genetics: Blue Dream and Master Kush, supposedly Snoop's 2 favorite strains, were specifically bred to create this Hybrid for the West Coast rapper. Flavor & Aroma: Any of the blueberry strains will have blueberry smells and tastes, but the Master Kush parent brings in a hash, pine flavor as well. Effects: This Indica dominant Hybrid can take your focus away, with relaxed and happy sensations that put your head in the clouds. Medicinal Uses: Snoops Dream is well known in the medical community to ease anxiety, stress, depression, and moderate pain. Potency: THC ranges vary in the 20-25% range. Grow Info: Snoops Dream flowers in around 8 weeks with an above average yield.



  • Hybrid Strain


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Michael Figueroa
I love it

It's perfect

January 2019

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1 Review

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