Genetics: Earth. Skunk is an original product. Flavor & Aroma: Flavor resembles a sweet, citrus, pine. While aroma continues the legacy of the ferret-like mammal known as a skunk. Be warned and try not to get sprayed. Effects: Skunk is known for its lofty head high. Uplifting and euphoric in nature, it brings energy and creativity to the mind. Medicinal Uses: Skunk is a patient's dream with the power to fight such ailments as lack of appetite, fatigue, or depression. An energizing, happy high that is also effective against PTSD symptoms. Potency: No known CBD results have crossed the WeedSearch desk, but THC levels tend to rally around the 25% mark in most locations. Grow Info: Takes about 10 weeks to flower, but brings an incredibly high yield.



  • Sativa Strain

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