Named after Star Trek, this exceptional indica packs a punch so hard it may send you to another galaxy. But it’s more likely that it will keep you on the couch. The flavor is earthy and bold while the effects are intended for a whole body numb that could even destress Captain Picard and his crew. Romulan is a great choice for a powerful midnight toke. Genetics: Romulan is a cross between White Rhino and the North American Indica, creating a short, stubby, pinecone like bud with many uses. Flavor & Aroma: Rom is incredibly pine filled and earthy, no real other scents or tastes to account for. Effects: A typical Indica, Romula has been known to create quite the couch lock. It has been said that the more recent strains give the ability to keep alert and awake, which leads to opportunities for a movie night with the loved ones. Medicinal Uses: Romula has been used to treat muscle spasms almost exclusively on the medical side, with insomnia, stress, pain, and depression on the list of cures as well. Potency: THC levels reach as high as 26%, with CBD just over the hump at .6%. Grow Info: Flowers in 8 weeks with average yield.



  • Indica Strain

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