Purple Haze


Genetics: Purple Thai and Haze have come together to create this mind altering Sativa. Flavor & Aroma: Sweet lavender and earthy pine are notes that will hit highest on this list. Effects: Purple Haze, while not being the high quality LSD that the song was written about, is as close to an acid trip as marijuana will take you. This strain is perfect to take to a music festival or other craft worthy experience, as it is said to get people "actin' funny" or make them feel like "things don't seem the same". Medicinal Uses: Medically, Purple Haze is a good Sativa for combating stress, anxiety, depression, or general fatigue. Potency: THC levels come in at about 15% while CBD remain just under a single percent. Grow Info: Flowers in about 9 weeks with average yield.



  • Sativa Strain

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