Platinum OG Kush


Genetics: Platinum OG Kush has many parents. It's taken years of breeding OGs and Kushes from around the world to create this crystal covered plant. Flavor & Aroma: Earth, pine, wood, spice... all the typical scents and smells you've come to expect with any OG or Kush, they're all present here. Literally. Effects: A heavy body-numbing Indica with a splash of headiness that can cause headaches, Platinum OG Kush combines extreme drowsiness and couch lock to fortify it as one of the most intense Indicas you'll find. Medicinal Uses: Insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety levels will all decrease, sometimes drastically, as this long lasting high is sure to put mind and body to sleep at any hour. Potency: SUch a heavy Indica is sure to have higher levels, and that holds true with Platinum OG Kush, bringing in a whopping 22% THC and .6% CBD. Grow Info: About 9 weeks of flower time and average yield.



  • Indica Strain

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