Pineapple Express


Genetics: Trainwreck and a Hawaiian strain (believed to be Maui Waui) are the parents of Pineapple Express. Flavor and Aroma: As the name suggests, Pineapple Express has a tropical fruity pineapple smell and taste. Some phenotypes are more sweet, some can be a bit sour. Effects: A heady, euphoric, relaxed high is what Pineapple Express is known for. Although it's relaxing, it's also stimulating at the same time. Think of chill and focus. Oh, yeah, and the munchies. On our couch lock scale, Pineapple Express comes in at a 3, so there's not a lot of sleepiness with this fresh and fruity strain. The strain may not be quite as intense as the Pineapple Express movie makes it out to be. Medicinal Uses: Pineapple Express may cause stress to melt away and anxiety to take a break. Symptoms of depression may be relieved. This is a go to strain for many patients with depression. It also helps as a muscle relaxant and mild pain killer. An increase in appetite can lead to raiding the refrigerator. Potency: We've seen THC potency anywhere from 15 - 25%. CBD is around 0.5% so it is present, but Pineapple Express is not a high CBD strain. Grow info: Sativa characteristics and above average yields can be expected, with a finishing time of 8-9 weeks.



  • Hybrid Strain

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