Pineapple Chunk


Genetics: Pineapple Chunk is known to have Cheese and Pineapple strains, with a rumored addition of Skunk as well. Flavor & Aroma: Scents of pineapple and cheese fill these buds, with a hint of strong musk, possibly evident of the rumored Skunk partial parent. Effects: Pineapple Chunk has a heavier Indica feel to it in the sense that your body has the ability to melt into the couch, yet a cerebral effect that keeps your mind happy and energetic. A great strain for watching a deep, thoughtful movie such as Cloud Atlas or Inception. Medicinal Uses: The heavy Indica effects of this strain make it perfect for treating pain and stess. The uplifting head high, however, can also be used to treat depression, or generally enhance one's mood. Potency: Pineapple Chunk packs a punch of CBD levels that consistently breach the 1% mark. THC ranges from 25-30%, but generally towards the weaker of the field. Grow Info: Flower time of 8.5 weeks with above average yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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