OG Kush


Genetics OG Kush originates from unsure beginnings along the West Coast. Its believed to be Chemdawg mixed with an indica and Lemon Thai. Flavor & Aroma Packing a punch of earthy pine flavor and a hint of lemon, the musky smell is guaranteed to attract attention wherever it goes. Effects This fantastic hybrid will give you relaxed mental effects and euphoric body effects that combine to bring in a happy feeling. It will put you at ease for hours as you drift into and out of the strong pleasant sensations of one of the best strains California has ever produced. Medicinal Use Popular medicinal uses for OG Kush are for pain, stress, and anxiety. This strain also increases the appetite of the patient. Potency OG Kush has been measured to have a THC content from anywhere between 20 to 25%, making it a top shelf bud at many dispensaries. CBD comes in at lower levels around 0.2%. Grow Info: Flower time is 9 weeks with averge yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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