Northern Lights


A true champion of indicas. A wonderful strain for both medicinal and recreational use. Northern Lights has been crowned best indica at Cannabis Cups for decades and is one of the most popular strains in America and Europe. Its buzzing euphoria, sky high THC content, and its mellow mentality make it one of the strongest indicas around. Genetics: Northern Lights exact genetics are unknown, but it is known that they hail from Afghan and Thai strains. Northern Lights is a long time fave here at WeedSearch, with some of us even having cultivated the original strain back in the 1980's. Flavor & Aroma: A sweet pine scent accompanies an almost hash like taste and texture. Effects: Northern Lights is a perfect movie night plant, as its calm, sedative like Indica effects mix quite nicely with a cerebral euphoric high. Muscles will relax, as will tensions and stress. Medicinal Uses: Recommended for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Insomnia may still press on, as Northern Lights does keep the mind up and at 'em with a pleasantly surprising cerebral effect from such a hardy Indica. Potency: THC levels consistently remain in the lower 20% range, while CBD varies between .2-.4%. Grow Info: Flowers in 6 weeks with heavy yield.



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Colleen Daley
Bomb ass fruits


October 2018

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