MK Ultra


This strain’s genetics had an upbringing different than most; it was grown and studied by the US Government. Named after the CIA mind control program, it will put you in a daze quickly. It’s not as serious as it sounds, however, as MK Ultra can give you a night full of food and giggles before you begin to feel tired. This cross between OG and G-13 is not as high in THC content as others on this list, yet it still puts your mind and body in a trance. Genetics: MK Ultra is bred from G13 and the ever popular OG Kush for a total body and head high that can leave you in the clouds roasting imaginary marshmallows. MK Ultra is named after a CIA mind control program. Flavor & Aroma: MKU brings about such scents as earth, pine, hash, and just a touch of citrus. If you want flower that smells as rich as a dispensary; look no further. Effects: Consider yourself warned, MKU can put you to sleep even if your eyes are open. It is said to make even the most focused of office workers daydream until the time clock stops. Medicinal Uses: MKU has many medical uses. Used to treat a plethora of symptoms such as mild to moderate pain, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, PTSD, anxiety, and pretty much anything else that keeps you up at night. Potency: MKU doesn't knock you out for no reason, THC levels tested out around 22%, with CBD coming in at just under .5%.



  • Indica Strain

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