Maui Waui


Genetics: Maui Waui found its roots organically in the islands of Hawaii. Flavor & Aroma: Sweet and sour, Maui Waui brings a lot to the table. Fruity pineapple and mango, fresh citrus, and salty seawater. Maui Waui has a taste for all. Effects: Maui Waui is an incredibly uplifting, energetic, head high that transforms the user into a good vibe whether they like it or not. Alert, awake, and creative. Medicinal Uses: A great daytime strain for treating stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. Basically, Maui Waui turns you into the best surfer dude version of yourself. Potency: Maui Waui rocks the scales with nearly 20% THC and upwards of 2% CBD. Grow Info: Long and lanky, harvest in 10-ish weeks, high yield.



  • Sativa Strain

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