Master Kush


A favorite across the West Coast and a personal favorite of yours truly, Master Kush commands respect from the highest cannabis authorities, including Snoop Dogg and the 2005 and 2006 Cannabis Cup trophies. Master may take you to unsafe levels of elevation before the high slowly lets you down. It has an earthy spice with hints of lemon that leave a sweet undertone. Master Kush may also hit you the quickest of any indica, so be warned. Genetics: Coming from the Hindu Kush mountains and bred in Amsterdam, it is a masterful mixture of Kush varieties. Flavor & Aroma: Pungent and skunky with a hint of sweet grass and fruit. Effects: Soothing effects of Master Kush are felt near instantly. Muscle relaxation and sleepiness are common with the loosening of tension and stress. Uplifted feelings of happiness and joy come along with great pain relief to make an all star Indica. Medicinal Use: Stress relief and pain relief are at the top of the list of medicinal uses. Insomnia and lack of appetite can also be treated. Potency: THC content is usually measured slightly above the 20% mark in the 20-22% range. Grow Info: Flowers in about 10 weeks with good yield.



  • Indica Strain

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