Genetics: Mazar and Skunk are the parents that led to the mind alerting LSD. Flavor & Aroma: An earthy pungency envelops LSD in scents and flavors of earth and pine. Perfect for a woodland hike. Effects: LSD brings a psychadelic head trip along with a relaxing body stone that is loved by many of its users. Jimi Hendrix is the recommended soundtrack to accompany this strain. Medicinal Uses: LSD has been used by many to treat the ailments such as: depression, stress, anxiety, etc... It is also a munchy strain, causing appetite to increase nearly as much as your mood does. Potency: Considering the effects, LSD has lower THC levels than one might expect, reaching just under 15%. CBD vary by location, but seem to hover at .7%. Grow Info: Flower time of 9 weeks with high indoor yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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