Lemon Skunk


Genetics: This is a sativa dominant strain resulting from the combination of Skunk #1 and another unknown, more citrus version of skunk. Flavor & Aroma: This tangy variety offers an explosion of lemon flavor and sour pungent odor with traces of other citrus fruits. Effects: Lemon Skunk is great at giving you an uplifting launch out of your boredom and stress. Users may experience strong feelings of euphoria, and happiness. It has a lighter sativa-like buzz in smaller doses, and heavier head and body stone with a bit of couch lock in higher doses. Medicinal Uses: Good option to combat depression, everyday stresses, fatigue, headaches and mild pain. Potency: The THC potency of Lemon Skunk is around 21%. CBD is above average but not enough to recommend as a high CBD strain. Grow Info: 7 to 8 week grow time with average yields.



  • Sativa Strain


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October 2018

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