Khalifa Kush


Genetics: With the "real" strain supposedly under wraps, the true genetics may be tough to decipher. The artist himself has repotedly said that a True OG Kush is a parent strain. Flavor & Aroma: A lemon, earthy, hash aroma envelops Khalifa Kush in not only a cloud of mystery, but a cloud of sweet citrus as well. Effects: A usually uplifting high, Khalifa Kush is known as a upbeat, yet relaxing, stone that has anyone who's been lucky enough to try it talking. With a calm body and happy mind, Khalifa Kush is sure to create a fan out of you as well. That is, if you get the real deal. Medicinal Uses: Khalifa Kush has been said to treat depression, fatigue, and stress. Potency: Supposedly Khalifa Kush has an incredibly high THC content, which reportedly even cracks the 30% mark. But, with so much mystery surrounding this strain, true levels are yet to be known at this time. Grow Info: 8 to 9 week flower time with average yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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