Kandy Kush


Genetics: Kandy Kush is made up of the big name Cali strains Trainwreck and OG Kush. These well known strains give a popularity boost to Kandy Kush. Flavor & Aroma: A pungent musky scent is matched with a citrus lemon kick. Overall, it's a natural sweet and earthy aroma and flavor that is sure to please. Effects: Unwinding at the end of the day is easy with Kandy Kush because of its strong sensations of relaxation and pleasure. It can be happy and uplifting with a gentle haze of calm and sleepiness after a few hours. Medicinal Uses: Good for appetite stimulation and sleep aid. Kandy Kush calms and eases stress, pain, and depression. Potency: THC potency consistently hangs around 20%. Grow Info: Flowers in 10 weeks with average yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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