Grandaddy Purple


Grandaddy Purple, also known as GDP, is one of the most famous strains of all time. Its dark purple buds contain intense feelings of euphoria, relaxation and pain relief. The aroma and taste are filled with berry and grape flavors that will illuminate your soul purple as you exhale. You may even hear songs like Purple Rain and Purple Haze in the background of your everyday life. GDP is a consensus top shelf favorite indica with a legacy and taste that compares to Blue Dream. Genetics: GDP originated in 2003 and is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. GDP is very similar to Grape Ape, as Mendocino Purps bloodlines flow through each. Flavor & Aroma: GDP combines grape and earth flavors with a hint of berry as well. Effects: GDP is a relaxing, sleep inducing, physical body high. Usually smoked at night, Grandaddy Purps is known to produce a heavy, sleepy, stoned feeling. On our couch lock scale, we rate GDP at an 8. One can definitely melt into a couch or recliner and feel the days troubles melt away. Medicinal Uses: GDP is used to treat insomnia, and take the edge off anxiety, and stress. An increase in appetite is common with GDP. Many consumers experience a body high that helps treat moderate to severe pain. Potency: THC reaches up to about 25%, and CBD comes in at about .5%. Grow Info: Grandaddy Purple is a relatively easy strain to cultivate. It grows squatty and bushy, with broad leaves typical of many indica strains. It tends to flower fairly quickly, at 6-8 weeks. Leaves and flowers tend to turn purple near the end of the flowering stage.



  • Indica Strain


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Fat Tony .

The purple is always good! Can't go wrong.

June 2018

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1 Review

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