Girl Scout Cookies


Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies is the product of Durban Poison and a Floridian OG Kush. Flavor & Aroma: Sweet notes of baked goods encapsulate Girl Scout Cookies in a world of flavor and aroma. Effects: Girl Scout Cookies provide an Indica dominated high of relaxing and calming body effects, while also incorporating a euphoric, happy head high to relieve many ailments. Medicinal Uses: Physical, as well as mental, pain doesn't stand a chance against the award winning Girl Scout Cookies. High levels of THC and CBD keep this strain a favorite in the lives of many medical patients. Potency: with CBD levels approaching .3% and THC testing as high as 30%, its easy to see why the medical community has always been a fan of Girl Scout Cookies. Grow Info: 10 week flower time with good yield.



  • Hybrid Strain


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RedneckRich Show RedneckRich Show

This is one of the my favorite strains. Ironically i had some Girl Scout cookies when i smoked it

January 2019

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1 Review

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