Genetics: The true genetics of this strain are unknown, as its birth into this world is wrapped in mystery. But we do know that it is 100% Indica, which is evident upon consumption. Flavor & Aroma: With a sweet, earthy aroma, G13 adds an element any sweet tooth can enjoy. A touch of spice adds a bit of bitterness to the otherwise fresh smelling G13. Effects: A happy, relaxed state is common for any users experiencing a G13 high. A heavy body stone with the added benefit of a creative mind can be an excellent combination. Medicinal Uses: The heavy Indica sedative effects provide relief from pain and stress, while calminga and relaxing the muscles into a vegetative like state to prevent muscle tensions and spasms. Potency: No CBD results have crossed my desk on this strain, but with THC charts reaching upwards of 30%, its no wonder G13 has created such a buzz around the community. Grow Info: Flowers near the 8 week mark with low to average yield.



  • Indica Strain

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