Flowerbomb Kush


Genetics: Flowerbomb Kush is bred from OG Kush, and Green Crack, giving it a good cerebral buzz to coincide with a nice, heavy body high. Flavor & Aroma: Earth, pine, wood, and citrus accompany a unique floral scent that reminds one more of a field of daisies than a marijuana dispensary. Effects: The Sativa based Green Crack parent incorporates a nice head high that cooperates well with the heavier body effects of this Indica strain. It is said to relax the body and awaken the head. Medicinal Uses: Medically speaking, Flowerbomb Kush provides excellent relief from pain and stress, as well as muscle tension or spasms, and may contribute to the aid of headaches. Potency: With no known CBD results, and THC levels at about 20% even, it's easy to see why Flowerbomb Kush has grown quite the fanbase. Grow Info: Flowers in around 8 weeks with high outdoor yield.



  • Indica Strain

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