Critical Kush


Genetics: Critical Kush is a lovely Indica mix of Critical Mass and, of course, OG Kush. While OG Kush seems to get mixed with just about every strain, the effects of this Indica make it stand out. Flavor & Aroma: Wood, pine, pungent. Everything you've come to expect with any Ocean Grown Kush offspring. Effects: A heavier Indica; Critical Kush is known for being able to out its users under house arrest. Traveling to the fridge from the couch shouldn't be too hard, though, as couch lock isn't commonly associated with CK. Medicinal Uses: Medically, Critical Kush is a typical nighttime Indica. Great for cuddling up to a cozy fireplace with the one you love. Potency: THC levels are high no matter where they're tested at. Anywhere from 25-30% are common, with some reportedly even higher than that. CBD follow suit, peaking at nearly 3.5%! Grow Info: Flowers in 8 weeks with high yield.



  • Indica Strain

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