Blue Moonshine


Genetics: Blueberry Moonshine was bred by DJ Short between Thai and Afghan plants. It is much an Indica version of the ever popular Blue Dream. Flavor & Aroma: Blueberry Moonshine smells like a Kentucky hillside, full of lush blueberries and moonshine stills. With tastes of earth and blueberry, Dj Short did right by this strain. Effects: A general relaxed, happy, euphoric state has the potential to put the most stressful mind at rest. An uplifting Indica strain that has the power to chill the body and mind. Medicinal Uses: Medically speaking, Blueberry Moonshine can ease stress, anxiety, depression, moodiness, muscle spasms or tensions, and can even help with insomnia. Potency: THC levels have produced up to 15%, while CBD generally stays around the .15-.2% region. Grow Info: Flowers in about 8 weeks with above average yield.



  • Indica Strain

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