Blue Cheese


Genetics: Blue Cheese is commonly referred to as a cross between Cheese and Blueberry, with reminscents of the original Afghan Skunk strain used to produce the original Cheese strain. Flavor & Aroma: Smells like it sounds, tastes like it smells. Blue Cheese hides no secrets. Effects: This is where Blue Cheese gets a little dicey. A true Indica, the effects of a good sized dose can create couch lock and a dazed, spacey feeling. However, if small doses are used intermittenly, a more uplifting, relaxed high comes into effect that can be quite enjoyable. Medicinal Uses: Medically speaking, Blue Cheese is generally prescribed for pain relief, as well as insomnia. Most users can agree that any stress, anxiety, or depression may diminish as well. Potency: THC levels of this strain tend to hover around 20%, while CBD jump around from the .2-.4% arena. Grow Info: 8 week flowering time with low yield.



  • Indica Strain

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