Black Cherry


Genetics: This strain has a complicated lineage involving Cinderella 99, Blackberry, and Cherry AK47. Flavor & Aroma: The red and purple tinted buds emit a strong berry odor with an excellent fruity flavor to match. The strawberry flavor may shock or impress those who haven't been on the sweet side of the cannabis spectrum. Effects: Black Cherry offers a fine mix of physical and mental titillations. It is clear headed and relaxing, as it is sativa dominant. It will take the edge off without putting you to sleep. Medicinal Uses: Black Cherry is a remedy for headaches, depression, and physical pain. Potency: The potency of Black Cherry is anywhere from 16-20%. Grow Info: Black Cherry finishes in a quick 7-8 weeks and produces an above average sized crop.



  • Sativa Strain

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