Genetics: Afgooey comes, of course, from Afghan strains as well as Maui Haze to give it the extra sticky, crystalized, buds that give this strain the name. Flavor & Aroma: Goo smells of fresh pine and earth, while also bringing in an orange type fruit and citrus taste and smell to give the user an extra kick behind the eyes. Effects: While the Sativa parent will bring a cerebral rush, the strain takes more after its Indica parents, bringing a body relaxation that is nearly second to none. Medicinal Uses: Afgooey is said to ease nearly all types of pain, while also reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Body relaxation is welcomed by many of its users, and some have treated insomnia with this strain as well. Potency: THC levels breech the 20% mark, but barely. While CBD have yet to be found in this particular strain. Grow Info: Flowers in about 8 weeks with high yield.



  • Indica Strain

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