High for the Holidays: A growing number of people are giving marijuana for Christmas

With only a short time left before Christmas, the stress of last minute gift buying may have just gotten just a little easier.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in an increasing number of states -- in many cases, for the first time this year.

Cannabis retailers are rolling into the holiday spirit.

The result: pot shops across the country are expecting a sales high.

Last year combined cannabis sales in Colorado, Nevada and Washington -- where recreational use is legal -- increased 10% over the week of thanksgiving. Those same states also saw a 22% rise in sales the week before Christmas, a trend that's expected to repeat itself this holiday season.

“In our California and Nevada stores, where we're allowed to sell our product for adult use, we've merchandised the store to celebrate the holidays,” said David Dancer, chief marketing officer of MedMen.

From edibles, to ointments, and even marijuana-infused perfume. Retailers hope to create an inviting retail experience for pot buyers.

"I like that it could be a Christmas gift present now,” said shopper Tyler Gilmore. “Where I came from I, had to get a gift in an alley, so the fact that I can buy a legally awesome gift for people in California is great.

Medmen, which has cannabis stores in five states, has a little something for anyone looking for a gift for someone on their nice -- or naughty -- list .

The most popular gift is edibles, with cannabis-infused chocolate sales increasing 52 percent the week before Christmas last year.

“Here in the store, we've even got some products that are made just for the holiday,” said Dancer. “You can now get peppermint bark infused with cannabis.”

The unique stocking stuffer keeps spirits high for the holidays.

Pot shops are anticipating an additional spike in sales around New Year's Eve. That's when they expect sales of cannabis-infused beverages to almost double.

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21 Dec 2018

By Miguel Almaguer