White Rhino


Genetics: White Rhino has lineage from Afghanistan, India, and Brazil. White Widow has its hand in creating this sturdy Indica. Flavor & Aroma: A sweet, spicy, earthy Indica, White Rhino also incorporates a touch of fruity sweetness to give its users a flavorful experience every time. Effects: White Rhino creates a full body calm that users can be sure to enjoy at the end of a long hard day. A strong, totl body relaxation is sure to take hold once this heavy Indica hits your tongue. Medicinal Uses: Medicinally speaking, White Rhino is the strain dreams are made of. With relief from physical ailments such as pain, muscle tensions or spasms, as well as mental ailments such as stress, anxiety, or depression, White Rhino has many varied medicinal uses. Potency: CBD levels barely crack the 1% mark, with THC anywhere from upper teens to lower 20's. White Rhino is well known on the medical side as a healing strain. Grow Info: Flowers at 9 weeks with a very high yield.



  • Indica Strain

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