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Our method is completely organic, and the largest ingredient we use is perhaps the most organic, which is love. Although clever and efficient, we do not use hydroponics for any part of our process; rather, we have replaced this with one person overseeing a garden daily and a team at his/her disposal. All organisms are grown in soil, watered by hand, with an educated grower inspecting and documenting each individual organism every day of its life cycle, from clone to harvest. There are no days off and no corners cut, every day the water is tested before hand application and all base nutrients, additives, and pesticides are completely organic as well. BREAK THE CYCLE OF NARCOTICS Break the cycle of narcotic pharmaceuticals and find out if medical marijuana can help you. We carry a large selection of professionally cured buds, as well as cannabis tinctures, oils, balms, edibles and much more. HUGE MMJ SELECTION At Strawberry Fields you will always find a huge selection of perfectly cured buds as well as tinctures, oils, balms, edibles etc. to relieve hundreds of ailments supported by the Colorado Department of Public Health as well as the Veterans Hospital. HIGHEST MMJ STANDARDS Strawberry Fields is a medical marijuana pain relief center that employs strict policies and regulations to ensure we follow the most conservative interpretation of the law in every detail. We hope to see you at Strawberry Fields soon!


3404 West Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

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Hours: 9 am to 6:45 pm Mon - Sat 9 am to 6:45 pm Sun

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