Sour Kush


Genetics: Sour Kush is a product of the Sativa Sour Diesel and, you guessed it, the Indica OG Kush. Flavor & Aroma: A pungent musk fills the room after this container opens. Scents of earth and citrus make this strain a delight for the senses. Effects: Sour Kush is a surprisingly uplifting Hybrid. With creative, euphoric mind highs, and calming, pain relieving body stones, this strain is great for any occassion. Medicinal Uses: Insomnia can be treated with this strain, however it is not often and can take quite the dose. But depression, stress, anxiety, and pain can all be said to vanish in the aftermath of this Hybrid's storm. Potency: THC levels often crack the 20% margin, but not by a staggering amount. CBD tend to stay just under .1%. Grow Info: Flowers in 9 to 10 weeks with good yield.



  • Hybrid Strain

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