Sensi Star


This star studded strain has rose to prominence over the last 15 years and is one of the most potent indicas. Sensi Star has given birth to many excellent flowers such as Death Star and Rockstar that could have made this list. It is one of the most award winning indicas, scoring firsts in 1999, 2004, and 2010. Even its creator, Paradise Seeds, advertises it as the strongest indica you will ever encounter. Prepare to blast off! Genetics: Other than slight whispers around the smoking circle, the true genotype of Sensi Star is unknown at this time. Flavor & Aroma: If you walk into a room with Sensi Star hidden somewhere in the cabinets, you'll know it. This strain is well known for it's dank aroma and taste, along with some earth and pine scents and smells as well. Effects: Some say that the initials (SS) really stand for Strong Safety because of how hard this strain hits anyone in its path. Whether its truly Ronnie Lott or not, most smokers will agree that your schedule should be clear for the night if you plan to undertake this voyage. Medicinal Uses: Headaches of all varieties stand no chance against the pain relieving Sensi Star. Appetite can increase, while pain, stress, anxiety, and depression all may decrease when using this medicine. Potency: THC levels are said to reach as high as 19%, with CBD peaking around .4%. Grow Info: Flowers in 8-9 weeks with higher outdoor yield.



  • Indica Strain

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