Green Crack


Genetics: Bred from Skunk #1 sativa which has origins from Afghanistan and Colombia. Green Crack can also be commonly mixed with an indica and referred to as "Green Kush". Flavor & Aroma: Earthly and skunky, this sativa can also taste of sweet citrus and is known to come with a case of cottonmouth. The sticky light green buds are tightly packed and carry a distinct sativa taste and shape. Effects: Highly regarded for its energetic and uplifting, creative highs, Green Crack is 100% marijuana. A highly dominant sativa can be relied on for stable and lively use for recreation or medication. Medicinal Use: Green Crack can be used medically to energize and encourage its users to be active and productive at any time of day while not stealing your sleep at night. Potency: THC content is 20 - 21%. CBD is generally around 0.1%. Grow Info: 7 weeks of flowering time produces high yields.



  • Sativa Strain


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muse megan muse megan

This is one of my favorites love the taste love the feeling aka high.

November 2018

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1 Review

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