Afghan Kush


Genetics: Aghan Kush was born on the Hindu Kush mountains near the Pakistani border. It is regarded around the world as the original Indica strain, as the people of the area have spent nearly a millenia perfecting the strain. Flavor & Aroma: Afghan Kush smells like the mountains it originates from. With earth, pine, and quite a pungency to it, Afghan Kush will be easy to find if you misplace it somewhere in your house. Effects: AK is a heavy Indica that can definitely make one's eyelids heavy. It can give the munchies as well, so make sure to keep a your favorite snacks and drinks nearby. Medicinal Uses: Afghan Kush is widely used to treat insomnia, as well as alleviate stress, pain, and increase appetite. Some have been known to even use it to help with nausea as well. Potency: Because AK is such an old world strain, THC levels differ among seeds and plants. For the most part, they stay around the 15% margin, with CBD bringing up the rear at around .2%. Grow Info: Flowering time of 6 weeks with high yield.



  • Indica Strain

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