Top 10 Strains of 2016

Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016


2016 came and went in a flurry of celebrity passings, a whirlwind of a presidential race, and some unprecedented sports anomalies. But one thing that didn’t change: cannabis is still amazing. And the wonderful weed is legal here in the state of Colorado as well as many others.

So, to celebrate, we at decided to bring you the Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016. This list was created by a think-tank of both medical and recreational marijuana users of various ages and backgrounds.

1. Number 1 has simply got to be the legendary versatile strain Blue Dream. Blue Dream is known to have a mellow, euphoric, uplifting, and even motivational high. A great high for day and night, Blue Dream sets the gold standard for cannabis.

2. Coming in at second on the list is Goji OG. This strain is coming on strong. Goji OG is sometimes considered the Wine of Buds due to the white wine or white grape taste and aroma. An easy hitting, great tasting, smoke accompanied by an uplifting and relaxing high make this strain an easy choice for number 2 on this list.

3. The number 3 strain of 2016 is an increasingly popular strain seen at most dispensaries state wide. Girl Scout Cookies is a well known and loved Hybrid with several different phenotypes that each bring their own element to the game. If you can’t find Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll likely find one of her daughters. And they’re all enjoyable.

4. Number 4 comes in with a lofty head high of growing psychadelic proportions. Golden Goat is a happy Hybrid that sends your head into space while keeping your feet on the ground. With island parents, rest assured the tangy taste will delight the senses.

5. Another Hybrid that has taken Colorado by storm is Gorilla Glue #4. A much heavier hitting Hybrid, Gorilla Glue #4  makes users feel “glued to the couch”. Relaxation and euphoria rule these tranquil waters.

6. A pure Sativa with dynamic effects both recreational and medical, Durban Poison sparks creativity and a wild hair. Whether exploring the outdoors, or writing some new music, this dank South African wonder hardly disappoints.

7. Number 7 has more phenotypes than possibly any other strain in the world. OG Kush was said to be brought out of Florida in the late 90’s and has parented several popular strains in Colorado and California since. A mix of earth, pine, and citrus, this Hybrid brings a heavy euphoria to her users.

8. No doubt you’ve heard the name Sour Diesel sometime in your life. This popular and pungent Sativa is well known for fast-acting cerebral effects which earn it the eighth spot on our list.

9. Another fast-acting strain is Jack Flash. Medical and recreational patients alike rely on Jack Flash for near immediate relief from stress and depression. With a spark of energy and creativity, Jack Flash is an excellent daytime outdoorsy strain.

10. Last but not least, on the Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 is Green Crack. Named by Snoop Dogg because it kept bringing people back for more, this Sativa brings near instant focus. A great daytime smoke to keep you energized throughout the day, Green Crack was a must have on this list.

While 2016 brought several new age strains into the spotlight, we at want to include an ‘old school’ strain that many of us started out on and is still available in Colorado. So we decided to give an Honorable Mention to the Hawaiian classic - Maui Waui. A legacy strain, this island Sativa offers tropical flavors with euphoria which can compete with most any strain – past or present.

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10 Jan 2017